Shower Tray Resurface & Shower Tray Repair

Mend A Bathroom – Australia, Perth WA

The team at Mend A Bathroom in Perth, WA provides cost effective, quality Shower Tray Resurface & Shower Tray Repair services for consumers and commercial businesses.

Replacing a shower tray comes with considerable cost, effort and potential disruption to the household or business during the renovation, removal and replacement process. At Mend A Bathroom, we have the optimal effective solution to fixing a broken, scratched or discoloured shower tray without needing to replace the original shower tray.

Mend A Bathroom are the shower tray re-glazing experts in Australia, with an internationally renowned solution supported by extensive ongoing research and development, leading to industry innovation whilst keeping quality service and cost effectiveness at front of mind to provide the perfect solution to bathroom re-glazing.

A simple shower tray resurfacing or repair project will save you money, inconvenience and many hours.

In most cases your shower tray can be resurfaced or repaired in under three-hours and you will be able to use the shower again only twenty-four hours later!

Benefits of Shower Tray Resurface & Shower Tray Repair


  • Free quote
  • Isocyanate free (carcinogenic chemical)
  • No re-tiling
  • No re-plastering
  • No re-plumbing
  • No re-flooring
  • No re-painting
  • No builders’ mess left behind

Enjoy the difference of a Shower Tray Resurface & Shower Tray Repair by Mend A Bath Australia - Perth


Shower Tray Resurface & Shower Tray Repair Review -
by Kellie Dobbie, Director - Transformations Australia,
July 03, 2017 5/5 stars
“I’m always impressed with the level of the quality of the work Steve provides and the fact that he’s responsive and able to fit into our schedule. We certainly recommend Mend A Bathroom’s work. Kellie Dobbie, Director - Transformations Australia”

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