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Bathroom & Repair Products and Services

Mend A Bathroom – Australia, Perth WA

Mend A Bathroom – Bathroom & Laundry Repair Services:

Mend A Bathroom – DIY:

Replacing a bathtub, spa, shower tray, sink or basin, all comes with considerable cost, effort and potential disruption to the household or business during the renovation, removal and replacement process. At Mend A Bathroom, we have the optimal effective solution to fixing a broken, scratched or discoloured bath, spa bath, shower tray, sink or basin, as well as refreshing the look of tiles without needing to replace them.

Mend A Bathroom are the bathtub, spa bath, wall tile, shower tray, sink and basin re-glazing experts in Australia, with an internationally renowned solution supported by extensive ongoing research and development, leading to industry innovation whilst keeping quality service and cost effectiveness at front of mind to provide the perfect solution to bathroom and laundry re-glazing.

A simple bath resurfacing project will save you money, inconvenience and many hours.

In most cases your bathtub, hand basin or shower tray can be resurfaced in under three-hours and you will be able to use them again only twenty-four hours later!

Modern Bathroom Products Research & Development

The Mend A Bathroom R & D process over many years has produced bathroom coating products which:

  • Have extreme fast temperature change flexibility without cracking
  • Isocyanate free (carcinogenic chemical)
  • Are chip resistant
  • Have environmentally friendly components
  • Are resistant to discoloration
  • Have an exceptional gloss and smooth feel

Unique Bath Coating Products

Mend A Bathroom manufactures its own professionally formulated coating products for resurfacing (also known as refinishing, reglazing and re-enamelling) of bathroom fixtures like bathtubs, basins, shower enclosures (cubicles), and tiles according to unique formulations developed over many years. Mend A Bath International has full control of the coating formulation, the manufacturing process and the quality procedures for its coating products which are exclusively supplied only to the Mend A Bath registered franchisees.

Mend A Bathroom Quality Bathroom Resurfacing

Mend A Bathroom coating products are manufactured from the best quality raw materials available – quality is not compromised for the sake of reduced cost. Every noteworthy development in the industry is evaluated and tested over a period; if value will be added, then these will be incorporated into the products and processes. All of this leads to our product reliability. Ask about our 10 year guarantee on our laundry and bathroom resurfacing solutions.

Experienced Bathroom Resurfacing Trade Experts

Steve and Sharron Garrett are the Master Franchisors at Mend A Bathroom. Steve is a recognised experienced industry leader having more than twenty-five years involvement in the bathroom resurfacing industry in a career that spans continents.