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Mend A Bathroom – Australia, Perth WA

Give your old bath a makeover

Resurface, don’t replace

Mend-A-Bath DIY is an enamel resurfacing product that will clean and re-cover your worn bathtubs, basins, and tiles.

Don’t waste time and money replacing your bathroom fixtures – our DIY option is perfect for people who want to use their own hard work to transform their bathrooms quickly and affordably.

With Mend-A-Bath DIY, you’ll get:

Easy Application
It only takes 3 hours to clean, prepare, and resurface a standard bathtub, using only the tools and products provided in our kit.

Quick Completion
Minimise disruption in your life with a resurfacing option that ensures your bathroom is ready to use only 48 hours after application.

Quality Tested
Our DIY option has been proven to show results, and is designed to last long-term – ask us about our 10-year guarantee!

Everything but the bathroom sink

No need to go out and buy expensive extra tools or cleansing agents – our kits include everything you need to complete your resurfacing project, from start to finish.

Our kits come with:

  • 1x coating tin
  • 1x hardener tin
  • 1x roller handle
  • 2x roller heads
  • 1x 13mm width paintbrush
  • 1x 10m long roll of masking tape
  • 3x plastic bags for taps
  • 1x paint tray
  • 2x sheets of 120 grit waterproof abrasive paper
  • 1x paint stirrer
  • 1x packet of cleaning powder
  • 1x cleaning sponge
  • 2x pairs of gloves
  • 1x dust mask


A difference you can see

Our demonstration shows both how easy it is to use our Mend-a-bath kit, and how incredible the results can be.